We provide the best deals in the region of India in the name & style“ Gallivant Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd  (destination of your desire) Our interest in hospitality & tourism to be since birth but our discovery of the place which we consider next only to heaven for its exotic beauty and our services.

We preach what we believe, we believe in spreading awareness of the beauty of India which would not only provide satisfaction to us but at the end of the day the people who visit the place will leave with a smile on their faces & a memory of a lifetime irrespective of how many more beautiful & exotic places they see in the near future but they will always remember & cherish the sceneries that they had witnessed on their trip to the India, which is our goal.  We give our 100% involve our body & soul while guiding the tourists & that is what gives us satisfaction. If our main purpose had been money making, we could simply have explored a lot of places ranging from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, but we remain true to our beliefs & ourselves by constantly developing & beautifying the India. We have two types of packages for the tourists to choose from according to their convenience – Prefix & Customized. We want to unite the world at India. Our hospitality extends not only to the people of India but to people from abroad as well. We are also planning to create awareness among foreign tourists for which we have trained our personnel in various foreign languages.

Gallivant Tours & Travels are offering great deals in alliance with the top hotel chains and hotel properties of India, we take the responsibility of hotel booking, transport booking and sightseeing trips. We offer you a tour of your choice at reasonable rates, suiting your pockets accordingly.